We, the people of India are governed by as many as 1500 Central Acts and on an average 100 State Laws per State. Having no knowledge of law can’t be a defence to any Citizen.

KNOW YOUR LAW… is the new generation 3D concept. It aims to help the common people, the law students and the practicing lawyers. This is the first venture of its kind spread throughout India bringing together years of active experience in law enforcing and the legal sector to provide unmatched superior quality of legal assistance. The larger faction of population are mostly unaware of existing laws/procedures as well as the speed of investigation and redressal of cases in courts is relatively slow because of various reasons. Know Your Law… is the concept aiming to provide speedy expertised assistance with new age technology and resources to the Law enforcing agencies as well as the Judiciary for swift tackling of the alarming situation. With more than hundred Associate Lawyers & Law Firms in every City/Town, we offer legal/paralegal guidance and services to the people much beyond expectation & existing trends in the field. Our Associate lawyers/investigators have been well tested, having dependable legal practice and they, undeniably, are specialized in their respective areas of functioning.

KNOW YOUR LAW… gives utmost importance to the complaints/issues and therefore all enquiries are dealt with due care and prompt attention and once the complaint/issue is understood and discussed, it gets assigned to best possible Associate Lawyer who is most relevant as well as experienced in the particular area where the complainant resides and/or the concerned jurisdiction of occurrence. While deciding matters we appreciate the magnitude and sustainability of the issue and therefore maters are assigned based on the supremacy required as well as experience of the particular Associate lawyer.
KNOW YOUR LAW… handles multi-dimensional range of matters from issues like common disputes to dishonoured Cheques. From sexual harassment of women at working places to new age cyber crimes, Know Your Law aims to assist individuals & law firms right from setting up their offices to getting clients.

KNOW YOUR LAW… aims to assist in issues ranging from Right to information; intellectual property issues; employment and service related issues; real estate transactions; cheating; family disputes; divorce & child custody issues; consumer laws; drafting agreements, petitions, replies, wills etc; plus more than 100 areas of law to which the common public come across in day to day life.

KNOW YOUR LAW… offers hassle-free legal and paralegal services that are affordable. We at know your law are accessible round the clock and most economical. Prompt tracking of matters allows rapid responses in communication regarding any kind of complaint.

KNOW YOUR LAW… recognizes importance of exposure of meritorious work. Know Your Law therefore ties up with various electronic as well as print media to bring about wide publicity and due exposure to cases, well solved by the Law Enforcing Agencies and also about the issues resolved/settled/redressed in tactful ways in various Courts by our Associates.

KNOW YOUR LAW… helps people in problem. People can file their complaints on our site or can write to our address and we will either forward it to concerned law enforcing agencies or NGOs or to our Associate Lawyer for direct redressal from Courts.

We also welcome suggestions or any other feedback.