On 22 June 2015, the Crime Branch of Mumbai Police filed a 1,168-page chargesheet in the alleged rape of a self proclaimed 29-year old model inside a police chowky at Sakinaka in April. Three policemen – assistant inspectors Sunil Khatape and Suresh Suryavanshi, and constable Yogesh Ponde — were arrested along with five others, including a woman, after the self proclaimed model approached Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria. One of the accused is still absconding.

The prejudiced chargesheet has named Khatape as the man who raped the model, and has attached a copy of the forensic report, which says that the bite marks on the left side of the victim’s chest (as seen in the above pic) match with Khatape’s dental profile.


The victim has said in her complaint that she was detained by the cops on the night of April 2, and taken to Sakinaka Police Station. From there, she was taken to the Sangharsh Nagar police chowky, where she was raped, and released on the afternoon of April 3, she said, adding that the cops extorted nearly Rs 10 lakh from her and a male friend. After being released, the victim took photographs of the bite marks on her chest, and attached those pictures along with her complaint to the Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria. The Crime Branch sent the photographs, and the phone she used to click the pictures, for forensic analysis. The charge sheet has listed as many as 105 cops as witnesses, besides 21 other witnesses.

One of the witnesses is a woman constable who was part of the Sakinaka police raid at Holiday Inn hotel, where the model had been detained. Statements of cops are recorded in front of a magistrate to ensure that they are not obtained under duress.

The complainant approached the police at least 15 days after the incident, leaving very little scope for medical examination to prove as clinching evidence. While the bite marks matching with Khatape’s dental profile don’t prove rape, it will be the most important piece of circumstantial evidence to prove Khatape had assaulted the victim.

The chargesheet also lists the CCTV camera footage from the Sakinaka police station to prove that Khatape and Suryavanshi had not informed their superiors about the raid at Holiday Inn hotel. The woman constable’s statement has corroborate the complainant’s version of being detained from outside the hotel, and other chain of events.

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