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Ambani Son or Sachin Tendulkar driving the accident car

It is still unclear whether it was Sachin Tendulkar or Mukesh Ambani’s son was the driver of a speeding Aston Martin lost control and crashed into an Audi at 1.30am on Peddar Road on Sunday.  As soon as it hit the Audi, the front right wheel of the luxury car rolled off. The Aston Martin driver then abandoned the car and fled the spot. Noted IPS officer YP Singh has clearly named Mukesh Ambani’s son Akash Ambani as the delinquent driver of the ill fated Aston Martin.

Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah tweeted: “If friends in Mumbai are to be believed, it seems the only people who don’t know who was driving the fancy Aston Martin are the Mumbai police.”

The police have recorded statements of some of the company’s employees. On Monday evening, Bansi Joshi, a driver with Reliance Group, came forward and told the police that he was behind the wheel when the accident occurred. His claim is yet to be ascertained.

No one was injured in this accident.

The ultra-luxury car is owned by Reliance Ports and Terminals Limited.  The police are mum on the hit-and-run case. So much so that they have even gone to the extent of covering the Aston Martin, which is parked in front of Gamdevi police station. They could not give any reason why they have covered the car. Police commissioner Satyapal Singh told Somendra Sharma of DNA that he had “no idea” about the incident. According to DNA newspaper, a car of the same brand was ‘gifted’ to former cricketer and current MP Sachin Tendulkar.

Assistant police inspector Ravindra Pawar of Gamdevi police station said, “The Aston Martin (MH01-BK-99) was speeding from Peddar Road towards Haji Ali. The man at the wheel lost control and crashed into a white Audi (MH14-DN-6666) and the luxury car’s front right wheel got detached.” The fact that the car’s wheel came off shows the speed at which it was being driven.

Pawar added that the Audi jumped the divider and came to a halt on the south-bound lane of Peddar Road after hitting a luxury bus. “The Aston Martin hit another vehicle on the north-bound road, a Hyundai Elantra. The Aston Martin travelled 200 metres on three wheels and halted in front of Cadbury House. The driver abandoned the car and fled,” Pawar said. The luxury car is worth a few crores.

Passersby alerted the police on nakabandi duty at Haji Ali junction. “The Audi was driven by 25-year-old Ghatkopar resident Ms. Phorum Ruparel, also the complainant. Thane-resident Vikram Mishra, 45, who was driving the Hyundai Elantra, sustained minor injuries,” said Pawar.

“We have registered a case under sections 279 (rash driving) and 337 (endangering life or personal safety of others) of the IPC and relevant sections of the Motor Vehicles Act. The complainant and eyewitnesses couldn’t see the Aston Martin driver,” said additional commissioner of police, south region, Krishna Prakash.

Foram Ruparel, 25, who was driving the Audi that was first hit by the Aston Martin, said she had a good view of the man driving that car. “I could see in the rear-view mirror the car was moving at a high speed, weaving left and right. And then, in a flash, it hit my car. I had a decent look at driver’s face. He was a young man,” she said.

Foram said the driver of the Aston Martin tried to flee, but the car stalled a little distance ahead. “In seconds, there was a swarm of security men around the car and they bundled the driver into one of the SUVs and sped off,” she said.

The MBA student, who lives in Ghatkopar (E), had driven to south Mumbai for dinner with her friends Hardik Shah, his wife Runali and Neomi Lakhpatia on Saturday evening. Around 1.20 am on Sunday, they left for Ghatkopar from Girgaum Chowpatty. “I was barely driving at 50 kmph when the Aston Martin hit us,” Foram said. She recalled onlookers telling her that the Aston Martin belonged to a “big businessman”. “The driver disappeared, so I could not confront him,” Foram said.

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